Just one day without a notification.


Since the beginning of the new millennium, there has been many inventions such as mobile tablets, touch-screen cell phones, voice-controlled electronics, and several other mobile devices. Although the majority of the new devices were mostly created by the millennials, they have been able to control both millennial and baby-boomers. These devices are fun; they are income boosters; they are our livelihoods; and essentially, they are distractions.

Imagine yourself leaving your cellphone,at home for a day. Crazy, right? Well, believe it or not, there has been a period in time where there were not any mobile devices. It was called America B.C. (America Before Cellphones). I remember vividly when having to wait to get home from school to check my email to find out there was nothing important waiting for me in the inbox; or times when I got home and checked the cordless phone only to see if there are any missed calls. During these times (America Before Cellphones), you could walk down the streets and converse with a total stranger or actually see the world itself outside of an LCD. And even before the cordless phone age, there was no such thing as ‘caller’s ID’. You had to actually pick up the phone to see who was calling. Those times were called life.. you know, like going to a party and everyone’s not into their phone or snap chatting every moment that could be captured. Those were the days.

Life without cellphone could bring us peace. The creators goal was to create a new age world …. Guess what? They did. They’re goal was to create never-ending advertising. I recommend friends and sometimes strangers to go one day without responding or reacting to a single notification. It would give you the joy of the times before cellphones.

4 Tips for one day without a notification

Disable all  of your notifications. Start off slow. Disabling all of your notifications on your phone will allow you to have a peace of mind. It sets the foundation for not having to check your phone consistently whenever there is a notification. There are times when we can utilize our time better to create opportunities for ourselves or maybe read a book or people watch. In this day in age, usually a phone call is more important than the Facebook or Instagram notification you’re receiving, unless your business is tied to it.

Delete your frequently used apps. We all have tried this. Sometimes it’s very addicting to check your friend’s Facebook post, or check that funny snapchat your high school friend just sent while in Italy on vacation. Deleting your frequently used app for a day will allow comfort to your brain. Now, if you’re a faithful everyday user of your favorite app, this will allow you some time away. Just like any relationship, we all have to have that ‘me time’ away from the things that we love the utmost.